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Missing Left Sock Beast
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What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Tuesday we went to Epcot Center, where we did all the attractions that were open in Future World excluding Spaceship: Earth.  I was the only member of my family who rode Mission: Space; Mom waited in line with me but panicked and gave up before actually getting on the attraction.  After I rode it, I told her she'd made the right choice.  I think it was the "enclosed, dark spaces" that was tripping her out, but in the end it would have been vertigo that had gotten her.  I don't have a tendency to motion sickness, nor generally any problem with spinning (my love affair with roller coasters), but there was a point during the initial "launch" where I thought I might have to use the airsickness bags that they provide in the attraction.  My brain was getting two different messages from my eyes and my inner ear, and was having great difficulty reconciling the two.  Ellen's Energy Adventure was highly entertaining (and yay!  Bill Nye the Science Guy, who my parents swear has to be much older than he looks) We went to The Land (and thank you, Joss Whedon, for causing me to hear "...and we will call it This Land."  "I think we should call it Your Grave!" every time I saw the sign), where we watched the Lion King hit-you-over-the-head-with-an-environmental-message fable, ate a snack, and rode through their greenhouses, which was really nifty; and we went over to the living seas where I got to look at rays and manatees (two of my favorite sea creatures), and we engaged in Turtle Talk with Crush which was also fun.  We had dinner that night at the Coral Reef, which has one entire wall that looks out on the tank of fish and sharks and bat rays, and which was definitely worth the $$$ it cost as far as flavor...though those were still the biggest couscous I've ever seen in my life.  After that, we went over and visited Canada, England and France (I bought an excellent Reisling in France, much to my amusement), and then raced through Morocco and Japan to find a spot to watch Illuminations.

Wow.  Illuminations was really, really cool.  Really cool.

And after that the park was closed so we left and went back to the resort and to bed.

The reason for going to bed so promptly was that we got up at about seven-thirty on Wednesday so we could be at Disney's Animal Kingdom park at opening - 9 a.m.  Again, this was a good idea.  We arrived at the park and immediately went back and rode the Killimanjaro Safari ride - where we saw a teeny tiny baby elephant who wasn't yet a month old.  She was so little!  The rest of the animals were neat, too, although that first ride through we took was at about double-time, I think.  And we walked - oh, did we walk - through the other animal exhibits.  Saw the bird show.  Did not ride the Kali river rapids.  Took in almost all the other attractions, except for those in the dinosaur land.  Rode the Safari again and saw the baby elephant again (so...teeny...).  Ate dinner at Restaurauntasaurus, because Mom wanted to eat there. It's basically a jumped-up McDonalds, but that was okay by that point (we'd had an awful lot of rich dinners up to then).  Got our wristbands for Extra Magic Hours, then walked over and watched the Lion King show (awesome, but not as awesome as the play), caught the Tarzan rocking spectacular where it turned out one of the performers was someone the Keed used to work with (and so waited for her to have a bit of a natter with him).

After that, the next thing we did was ride Primeval Whirl.  We all enjoyed it, a lot.  A very lot.  My mother, my sister and I were all giggling like madwomen when we finally came back to the debarkation point.  It's a mouse (for those of you who know what a mouse is), but about halfway through the attraction it starts spinning like a teacup while still doing the mouse thing.  OMG it was fun.  And then we went over and rode Dinosaur, which my sister described as a combination between the Knott's Berry Farm Dinosaur ride (which is a dark ride with cheesy dinosaurs) and Indiana Jones at Disneyland.  Which, well, was what it was.  Also lots of fun, though; we all enjoyed it thoroughly.  After that, it was time to go back to the hotel.  I discovered, to my disappointment, that at some point the Eeyore plush that I had brought with me (yes, I still sleep with a stuffed animal, but he's very important to me and I didn't want to lose him so I brought a substitute) had vanished from the hotel room.  We called Housekeeping, but they couldn't find him, either, and so it was that we were told to go buy a new Eeyore and bring the receipt and we would be reimbursed.  I said that they could be glad that they were dealing with me and not with a small child to whom Eeyore meant the world.  Also, my sister was pleased that we'd gotten in so early, because it meant she didn't have to miss the season opener for Lost.

Thursday, we slept in until 11, since it was supposed to be our "day of rest."  Other than the sleeping in part, it really wasn't.  Once we got up and motivated, we went to the Transportation Center via bus, where we caught the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, because that was where Mom thought we'd been told to go to lost and found (the Keed lost her hat on Monday, Dad lost his on Tuesday).  Mom was wrong; we were supposed to go to the Transportation center.  So, we hopped the monorail back to the Transportation Center, Dad and the Keed looked for their hats at Lost and Found and didn't find them, and then we rode the monorail in a complete circle to and from Epcot, and then we caught a bus over to the Animal Kingdom, where we rode the Safari ride again.  Didn't see the teeny baby elephant this time, though.  From Animal Kingdom, we caught a bus back to the Transportation Center, caught the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, and from the Magic Kingdom caught a ferry to the Polynesian Resort, where we had reservations for a luau.

Attended the luau, which was a lot of fun and had very good drinks and food (I had a drink that came with a glowing ice cube, which I forgot until it came to the table glowing; Dad got a drink in a carved coconut which I brought home to put with my little tiki god hibachi) and excellent performances.  Then we caught the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom, where we tried to look at all our pictures on our picture pass but were told we could only do that at Epcot, but Dad transferred all his pictures to CD.  Once we'd finished that, we caught a bus back to the Resort.

But, the day wasn't over yet!  Once we got back to the room we watched Dad's 500+ pictures on the TV, and then walked over to Downtown Disney.  However, we got there late enough that we only got to the Magical World of Disney shop (and bought my replacement Eeyore) before everything closed and we walked back to the room and crashed.  Well, okay.  I crashed.  My family stayed up for a while.

Friday was plotted as our second day at Epcot, because it was when Epcot had Extra Magic Hours.  We arrived shortly after opening, and went back to The Land (...Your Grave) because Mom and the Keed wanted us to have breakfast in the rotating restaurant.  Except that it turned out that the rotating restaurant no longer served breakfast, so instead we ate at Electric Umbrella, and then went in and played in Innoventions, where I got my butt kicked after building a robot to race with (even my injured sister did better than I did), we bowled virtually, and we fought fires virtually (Mom and I kicked butt on that one).  Oh - back to Tuesday for a second - I also took a picture at the Imagination Center and sent it to artslave and wyvernwell, except that I mis-typed wyvernwell's e-mail address.  The reason I remember that is because I sent artslave a virtual postcard from Innoventions West, since I had lost her paper postcard when I left it on the table at the luau.  Oh, well.

After we finished playing at Innoventions (we did more than just the above, of course - pizza game, and robots playing instruments) we went over to England and the Rose and Crown for lunch, and then shopped our way through Morocco, Japan (where we heard some really cool drumming), skipped America (it was open during Extra Magic Hours), continued on shopping through Italy, Germany, "the Outpost", China (where we saw some awesome young acrobats, and a lovely film on China), Norway (Rode Maelstrom; it was silly, fun, and almost went 101 when we'd just boarded it.  Also, it POURED while we were on the attraction, but had stopped raining when we came back outside), and Mexico (I found a little Oxalan coyote and purchased it, and we rode el Rio del Tiempe).  At the point at which we reached Mexico, we realized that we might as well go back and do the American Adventure before Extra Magic Hours, because we were well ahead of our planned day at that point.  So we walked back, then walked the other way around the world (at which point Mom made a comment that we'd been around the world three times in the week, which was very true) and back up to the front.  The Keed went to pick up our package-pick up object, Mom went over to pick up pictures, and I sat outside the picture store with Dad and the wheelchair.

And did we ever wait.

After we finally had the pictures, we went ahead and rode Spaceship:Earth, which was interesting, and then we went back over so I could ride Mission: Space one more time.  Which I wasn't sure I wanted to do, but I'm glad I did.  After that, we discussed doing the Energy Adventure again, or maybe going over and riding Soarin' (But why, when we can do that just about any time?) but finally decided to eat something and then head back to the hotel.  Which became an adventure (We decided that everyone staying at Saratoga Springs went to Epcot and only to Epcot) when we saw how long the line was for the bus, and decided to instead take the monorail back to the Transportation Center, to catch a bus to the resort from there.

Except you can't catch a bus to the resort from there.  Oops.

So we rode back around on the Monorail and arrived just in time to catch a bus to Saratoga Springs.  And we flopped into bed, because it was late enough by that point that we just would have closed Downtown Disney again.

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