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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
his coat the same brown
as the dust from which he rises


What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

It's official.

I am registered for "The Craft of Writing", Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m.

Now, to buy my text.


Go you! Oh, and I NEVER buy text books from the college. I find them on half.com, amazon, and bookfinder.com and usually pay about 1/3 the school book store price.

Thanks for this tip - I was able to get both the book I needed for class and a book I needed to replace using bookfinder for about $20 less than the class book was going to cost at the school bookstore.

I've also heard good things about http://www.bookswap.com/ and http://booksoncampus.com/ .

Good luck!

Yay you for taking the class. Send us useful tips! And university bookstores HATE it that students aren't buying texts from them, but hey, the bookstores are gonna have to adapt or die. Last year I got complaints that I'd "ordered too many books"; I said, "Nope, I had that many students, but most of them bought their texts cheaper elsewhere, and I don't blame them."

Yeah; but supply and demand work the same for U bookstores as it does elsewhere. I'd love to support the campus bookstore, and will buy other supplies there as needful...but I'm not willing to support them at the expense of some of my other hobbies like, you know, eating.