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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
his coat the same brown
as the dust from which he rises


What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]
My imps are here

BPAL was apparently feeling generous.

In addition to the Imps I ordered (Bayou, Black Forest, Magus, Rome, Thanatopsis and Undertow, descriptions at this previous post), I received Imps of Malediction, Oya, and White Rabbit.

I'm wearing Black Forest right now; it's similar to but not quite the same as Loup Garou; it's a little bit lighter, and I'm picking up hints of what I'm fairly certain is cedar (which Garou doesn't have).

White Rabbit Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen.

Oya Lady of the Wind, Goddess of the Nine Skirts, the Lady of War, the Bearded Amazon, the Thundermaiden. Beautiful, tempestuous, elegant and graceful, She is the fury of the hurricane, the breath in our lungs, the air that cools us, the breeze that chills us, the winds that blow seeds that fertilize the land, the winds that pass disease throughout villages and townships, the moan of the wind within the cemetery, and the fury of the tempest that tears the landscape asunder. Oya is the sweeping wind of change and upheaval, She is revolution and progress, and She forces the destruction of old ideals while sweeping away our useless baggage; the broom is a symbol of Her force for change. [snip] Oya has nine children and nine colors, and her symbols are weathervanes, windmills, kites, balloons, propeller planes, wind instruments, pinwheels, two naked swords, and buffalo horns. Oya’s ofrenda is a Nigerian potion of love and war, sweetened by darkest plum. Oya winiwini!

Malediction Evil incarnate. Revel in your dark side with this romantically cruel scent. Contains red patchouli and vetivert.

Oya and Malediction are spoken for; wyvernwell, if I find I don't care for White Rabbit I'll send it to you. :)

I'm probably not going to be all that interested in Oya or Malediction, since I'm not very fond of fruity scents nor patchouli; would anyone else like one or the other? I'm willing to give White Rabbit a try.

(Also, now that Black Forest has been on me awhile, I'm picking up hints of the ambergris, but still none of the musk. It's definitely a sweeter scent on me than Loup Garou is.)


I'd love to try Oya and have a fair amount I can swap.

Send me your snail mail address: sistercoyote at livejournal.com or sistercoyote at yahoo dot net.

I am definitely interested in Malediction. I usually wear Patchouli or Green Tea oils now, but I'm interested in having something that really lingers in the air. I haven't yet given in to the BPAL thing but think about ordering constantly.....It's really tempting!

Or you could send AshenSeraph the Malediction, and send me the White Rabbit, since I love the scents of vanilla and tea as well!

You know, it's funny; I had thought about sending Malediction to her before you mentioned it. She's really not a scent-wearing kinda gal, though, so I'll send it to you when I have the postage. :)