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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
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What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]
Quick FO Post: Good Fortune Baby Blanket

This is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch and Bitch, modified to add some colorwork to the bottom right-hand panel. I knit this for a co-worker of mine, who is Chinese. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my notes and don't read Chinese on my own, so the only character I can identify for sure in the finished piece is the bottom left-hand character, which is double-joy. If I recall correctly, the other three are good fortune, wealth, and long life.

Pattern: S&B BBBB, additional chart of my own making
Yarn: Simply Soft (yes, yes. But I wanted something the mother could wash, and someone else bought the yarn, and I don't mind Simply Soft.)
Time Taken: Probably 16 total hours
New skills: None, but a reminder that I really need to remember that knitting charts - even the ones I've designed! - need to be read from right-to-left and not vice-versa.
Things I would do differently: Although you can't see the back in either of these shots, there were naturally "floats" from carrying the black and red yarns. If I knit another one of these (and I might, I've still got yarn left over), I will probably try to figure out how to double-knit that panel. I didn't want little fingers and toes to get caught in the floats, so I ended up knitting a cover for the floats, and wasn't satisfied with how it looked; I think I would probably like the effect of double-knitting better even if it will make that panel thicker than the others. Or I could double-knit the whole blanket, I suppose.

Good Fortune Baby Blanket
Here you can see the whole blanket. This shot is probably truest to color - this blanket was bright! But then, I think bright blankets are better for babies, anyway, if I remember my early development correctly.

Good Fortune Baby Blanket
Closer, but still not quite flat enough, picture of the panel. And I can't take another because I've given it to the mother-to-be, who was delighted.

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Babies are best stimulated by red, black, and white for some reason. *shrug*

The blankets are gorgeous!

Babies are best stimulated by red, black, and white for some reason. *shrug*

I just put espresso in their formula and then give them back to the parents.

Pffft...hahaahaha! I nearly inhaled my morning oatmeal!

some reason = because their eye sight sucks after being stuck in the dark for a couple of months and it is underdeveloped for said reason.

Like coming out of a theather of a very long movie into the bright summer sun.

BTW, I'm glad you covered up the floats. I'm surprised the pattern didn't take that into account. Another option is to sew a piece of fabric to the back of the whole piece.

Otherwise, good job. :)

I'm the kinda tired where words don't look right when spelled properly.. So I add more letters till I give up. Sorry.

Um, I made the pattern myself, and although I thought about the floats when I started the colorwork the double-knitting idea didn't occur to me until after I was about halfway through. BBBB itself has no floats. ;)

No fair. Confusing the sleep deprived.

Yes, *that* reason. Heh.