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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
his coat the same brown
as the dust from which he rises


What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Because I have been intrigued by Nine Things About Oracles that I've seen going around, here are mine:

Nine Secrets

Copper ore
       over steel;
Two mirrors
       reflect each other;
Three women,
       mend a tapestry;
Four nails
       on red cedar;
Five pebbles
       in a dry riverbed;
Six stones
       form a circle;
Seven ravens
       caw across ashes;
Eight drops of blood
       on a white linen handkerchief;
Nine grains of sand
       at the top of an hourglass.

This is the sort of thing that I'd normally put on my poetry filter, but since I'm also going to share it with elisem I sort of can't do that.


I love that.

Oh, cool.