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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
his coat the same brown
as the dust from which he rises


What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Gaiman's at it again:

Which meant that tonight's dinner at one point consisted of me trying to explain my theory to Mike and his friends that people could become Spamomancers and foretell the future by what kind of spam they'd received from Persecution H. Foisting or Flange X.

I realized there is another piece of pseudo-news from me: tomorrow I go back to the dentist (first thing in the morning, so I'm not awake yet) to get my bad tooth capped. Hopefully he won't decide at the last minute that it does need a root canal...but I'm not having pain in it except when I grind/grit my teeth, so I think it will be just a cap.

Feeling:: chipperchipper
Listening to:: Meltdown - John Taylor