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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Coyote Musings
Coyote handsome
his coat the same brown
as the dust from which he rises


What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


The Quantum Duck goes "quark, quark."

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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Today's Imp is

Exquisitely melancholy. The background scent to an ancient exequies. Heavy, dark and floral: a blend of roses, with a touch of amber and musk.

In the phial, I couldn't smell the roses at all. Mostly what I was smelling was the amber with undertones of musk.
Wet, on me: a little bit of floral coming out, but still mostly amber with musky undertones.
Dry, on me: Damn, I smell like Renaissance Faire. Still predominantly amber, with roses and musk competing with each other beneath. Not in a bad way.

I don't think I'll be wearing this one again, though. It's a bit too "heavy" for my senses.

Feeling:: blankblank