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Missing Left Sock Beast
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What is the sound of one hand slapping Schroedinger's cat?


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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Every summer, it seems, I go through a knitting slump. I seem to have passed it, this year, for there is a plethora of knitting on needles in my apartment.

This is another scarf in progress, this one for wyvernwell; it's about 4.5 feet long right now:

(as is frequently true, click on the image to get a larger version).

I actually put about a foot and a half on it last night while watching "The Eye". I didn't figure I should work on anything that required reading a pattern while I was watching a horror movie I hadn't seen before.

Originally posted in my blog; crossposted to knitting.

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DAMN you're fast!!!!

I need to go measure an existing scarf now and tell you when to stop....

Well, 5 feet (the length of my measuring tape) is too short.
6 feet maybe?

Well, it's a bulky yarn which is part of the reason it knits up so fast. :)

Have Laszlo hold the scarf up so that the end drags the floor - that'll give you an idea of if six feet is sufficient or not. :)

Also, in re being fast - will it make you feel better to know that I surprised myself with the length of it?

Of course, watching a movie that gave me the heebie jeebies probably helped with the speed, too. :)

Oh I thought I'd let you know that warmth is a good thing. It will be the scarf I wear outside in winter and to Sonora to visit my folks. Mountain cold up there makes you want to put one scarf on top of another and tuck them up into a zipped coat. Really.

Oh - I'd forgotten that was where they had moved, so the mountain thing didn't even occur to me.

I have three big fears when I'm knitting:

1) The knit object will be too warm for the recipient
2) The knit object will not be warm /enough/ for the recipient
3) The recipient will hate the object when it's finished.

Pathetic, I know.