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Missing Left Sock Beast
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Missing Left Sock Beast [userpic]

Liek OMG, guys, my KSSP came through with her first shipment and here are pictures. Ic ouldn't remember if we were going to post these int he community or what so I thought I'd post it here and then link to the community I hope thats okay!

This is what I saw when I opened the package. Like OMG, Green Yarn Yey!

Some nifty stuff was hidden in the skeins.

These are the stitch markers my KSSP is going to sell on eBay for $10/12. Aren't I lucky to have gotten them for free?

Here's a better look.

And an even better one.

Edited to add: and I totalyl think I'm going to use the yarn for something lacey like a shawl of maybe a poncho.

Feeling:: sillysilly

That is the coolest EVA! You shoudl so totalyl do a poncho like the martha sewartone! That was so wicked cppl!!

You win - it took me a minute to figure out "cppl" :)

OMG, you have teh best KSSP evar! Is she, like, your BFF now?

(And whatever that cylindrical thing is looks like a bullet vibrator.)

Of xourse she's my bff. :)

(There are actually two of them, a yellow one and the pink one; I didn't discover the yellow one until later. They're highlighters...but I had a very similar thought to yours.) ;)

lmfao! I was gonna say, now that's some serious secret pal spoilage!


Ok...I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that it looked like a bullet vibe was hidden in the skeins.

omg you are sooooooo lucky! your KSSP is the kewlest! i hope mine sends me some fun fur or some of that target yarn!